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How to add new font icons

Follow these steps to know how to add different font icons to the theme:

Step 1: Copy the icon fonts following the link: theme root / framework / k2ticon / inc / font. An icons fonts standard includes 4 files: your_font.eot, your_font.svg, your_font.ttf and your_font.woff

Step 2: Open file as link: root theme / framework / k2ticon / css / style.css to inform font-face and the whole css class for the new font. (Note to change the path to adapt). For example:

@font-face {

font-family: " your_font ";

src: url("../inc/font/ your_font.eot");

src: url("../inc/font/ your_font.eot#iefix") format("embedded-opentype"),

url("../inc/font/ your_font.woff") format("woff"),

url("../inc/font/ your_font.ttf") format("truetype"),

url("../inc/font/ your_font.svg") format("svg");

font-weight: normal;

font-style: normal;


.icon-1 { content: “” }

.icon-2 { content: “” }


Step 3: Open file as the direction: theme root / framework / k2ticon / inc/ list.php and find line 729 to add new class of the new icon fonts

‘your_font ‘ => array(





Step 4: Open file as the direction: theme root / framework / k2ticon / js / generator.js and find line 56, duplicate line 56-59 and then paste down

if ( selectedIcons == ‘your_font-icons-list' ) {


jQuery( 'ul. your_font -icon-list' ).show();


Step 5: Open file as the direction: theme root / framework / k2ticon / k2ticon.php, find line 80 to paste the code down

Step 6: Done!. See the results!

Note: You can replace "your_font" by your own name